Farm Plots

FARM Plots

Surabhi Sthira Developers, a company that created a sustainable and profitable Farm Plotting business model in the year 2019 which is evolved as a super economic and environmental initiative for all of its stakeholders, individual investors and their future generations.  We wish to contribute to communities and add value to the lives of those who invested.

At  Surabhi Sthira Developers , we work with progressive people in creating a profitable and sustainable land development business. Our Promoters and Directors strategies, management approaches to promote commercial farming and derive it profitable, multiple avenues from a single point of small investment. Due to our affordable farmland business model, we believe that even every small family in our region could own a piece of land and make their family and children’s future sustainable with complete legal recognition.

We not only sell properties; we regard property as a means for customers to achieve their true wealth, it means we help our customers to invest in their dreams. We do this because we are interested in protecting nature, mother earth and then earning profits for our investors. In this practice, we sell the land to the investors.


I've always wanted to have my own farm, and this farm plot project from Surabhi Sthira is going to make my dream a reality. I can't wait to see the project start.